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Reference/method for setting camber/caster? (57 GHawk)

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  • Front Axle / Front Suspension: Reference/method for setting camber/caster? (57 GHawk)

    Hi, two questions about setting the camber/caster on my '57 GHawk.
    1) the shop manual doesn't indicate if car should be on a hoist or sitting on the floor, but the guide for a tool I THOUGHT I had (incomplete set :-( ) indicates tires on the floor. If so, and weight of the car needs to be on the suspension, do I have enough weight with 'just' the engine/drivetrain, or do I need to wait to set this until the body is on some-day?

    2) regarding the tool I was pleased to see in a pile of junk up at the farm (always wondered what it was for as a kid), it is FOR adjusting caster and camber! But now looking at the actual directions I see it is missing the 'plumb line" for indicating angle. So worthless. :-(
    Is there a way to set this without this special tool or similar? Shop Manual just gives the degrees to set everything to, assumes any shop would have the correct tools I suppose? I don't find anything in the Tech pages about setting this, or by searching, though did not exhaustively look. Any good guides on this I should be looking for, and do I need to find a tool to borrow for setting this up?

    Barry Click image for larger version

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    First the car must be fully assembled, and on a level, hard surface such as concrete. Next, in a nutshell: Forget the Shop Manual procedures for caster and camber adjustment. Instead, adjust the the upper 'A' arm outer (cam) pin to push the king pin max rearward, for max positive caster; then rotate the cam pin the other direction just enough (less than 1/2 turn) to swing the top of the king pin max outward, for max positive camber; tighten the clamp bolt, install the grease sert, then leave it alone, as there's no need to ever touch it again. Repeat on the other side.

    Use the procedures in the Shop Manual to set toe in/out, but only add 1/16" to 1/8" of toe in for the right side, if using radial tires; the driver's side should be set to zero toe in/out (straight ahead).


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      Do it like Joe says for now. Later, when the car is all together you can have it aligned somewhere. Or buy two turntables and a magnetic camber-caster gauge.


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        Thanks guys. That sounds way too easy :-) Here I was looking forward to playing with that ancient angle-gauge, was very disappointed to see the 'plumb-bob' missing after all these years of 'someday this will come in handy!". Hate to throw it; anyone have one like it and want the parts/box/directions?


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          Bill, type old Miller Tools caster camber gauge into Google (or whatever search engine you use) and you'll see some of these
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