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Armrests reupholstered - Lark

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  • Interior: Armrests reupholstered - Lark

    While the original interior is rip-free and really amazing - and testament to a stored Nebraska car - the armrests had unusually deteriorated.

    Vinyl cloth was cracked, and the black foam had not only collapsed but had become a sticky black mass of tar. The metal platforms and the brown plastic bases were in great shape.

    I used sheets of 1/2” closed-cell neoprene and chestnut brown vinyl (both from eBay), the trusty 77 glue from 3M and some landau foam a I had lying around. Far from perfect, but perfect from afar...

    NOS and reproductions were obviously not an option, given the myriad of colors Studebaker offered in such a limited production run.
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    Nice DIY!

    Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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      Great job on restoring those!


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        Thanks everyone. It’s one of things that even if everything else looks good and the car drives well, you can’t ignore really ugly armrests!