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  • Transmission / Overdrive: OD governor speed change

    I recently swapped out the original 4.56 rear axle with a Dana44 from a 52 Commander that’s a 3.53 ratio. This makes my OD kick in late. Is their a replacement governor that kicks in faster (at a slower driven RPM) to allow the OD to engage at a speed commensurate with the slower turning transmission output shaft? (Main shaft and governor gears, or a complete governor to accomplish this?)

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    If you disassemble the governor, you can probably put in a lighter spring and make it engage sooner.

    On the other hand, the overdrive is kicking in at the same engine RPM as it originally did.
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      Making it shift sooner, will make it have even LESS Power and lug the Engine.

      The reason is simple, a 3.54 from a DIRECT Drive Automatic is just TOO High an Axle Ratio for the Overdrive and the Power of whatever Engine is powering it, probably Under120 HP.

      Every time you get to a Bridge a little higher than an Anthill, you will have to shift to Direct Ratio.

      If you switch it to a 4.10 Ratio Model 27 Dana, it will "Pull" just fine.
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        With the 3.54 axle in overdrive you will be running the equivalent of a 2.55 ratio. I'll admit to being surprised that you want that and would suggest keeping the original cut-in rpm on the governor to give the engine a fighting chance. With the change you noted the governed speed should be 38 mph or so. I think you will need it.