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6V LED turn signals

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  • Electrical: 6V LED turn signals

    I am getting my new wiring harness for the 41 Champion wired for turn signals. The plan is to run the wires for the front turn signals along with the horn wires so I can mount dedicated signal lights behind the grill. Obviously these have to be 6V and I would like to have LEDs. I am liking these 6V motorcycle/scooter units. They are sealed, easy to mount, and pretty cheap. Anyone else done anything like this? I have seen bumper-mounted lights used before too...
    I figure I can put the lights on the bottom of both sides of the grill. Up top would be better but I am not sure there is anything handy to bolt them to.
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    I ran something similar on a 41 Ford. They were 12V. I had them mounted behind the grill. They worked for me. I liked it because at first glance you didn't see them until they were flashing.


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      Looks like a good idea.

      Make sure that they will work on positive ground. LEDs are polarity sensitive, where incandescent bulbs are not.

      EDIT... It looks like there are two wires and a plastic case, so you can hook them up positive ground. Looks like it will turn out well.
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        Looks like a plan. Thanks!