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64 GT Wipers don't always shut off and continue to run

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  • Electrical: 64 GT Wipers don't always shut off and continue to run

    My wipers are spooking me to no end. When my 64 GT is parked I can turn the wipers on and off numerous times and they always park correctly and shut off. When I use them driving down the road, they won't always shut off unless I turn them on and off several times and try do turn them off at the park position. Then sometimes they turn back on by themselves. I have adjusted the park lever on the motor to several different spots and they always park at the bottom of the windshield correctly. But when driving they always act up. It is crazy. I also installed a new wiper switch as well and gone through the wiring.

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    Probably the park switch inside the wiper motor is defective. First though, check for wiring at the washer switch. Some are electrical and turn on the wipers for a couple swipes when you push the pedal. Look for frayed wires or even disconnect the wires temporarily.
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