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1950 Commander wheels

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  • Wheels / Tires: 1950 Commander wheels

    I KNOW this has been talked about before. (sorry)
    I have looked (34 pages of threads when searching for "wheel") but I can NOT find the information needed.
    I am looking to replace/upgrade the wheels on my 50 Commander.

    From somewhere I have saved the following:
    1971-76 all big GM cars
    1977-90 RWD Cadillacs
    1977-90 big GM cars with 11" rear drums
    1991-96 all big GM cars
    1971-02 5 lug GM G vans
    1971-99 5 lug GM pickups
    1985-02 2WD Astro/Safari
    1973-79 big FoMoCo cars and some midsized models
    Plus all big GM cars except for Chevrolet/Chevy based Pontiac from ca. 1950 to 1970
    You should note that the '50 Commander wheels are the same as the 1/2 Ton Truck Wheels '49 to '64. -Stude Rich
    What I am hoping for is someone to "endorse" one of the above options and/or to rule something out.

    I know the 50 has the large brakes and larger hub and the need to have the recessed area to clear the brake.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    DT Holder - Bakersfield CA, USA
    1950 Commander ("Resto-Mod" in progress)