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Replace MZ4074 starter with Modern 12 volt starter

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  • Electrical: Replace MZ4074 starter with Modern 12 volt starter

    Does anyone know if there is a 12 volt modern starter to replace the Autolite MZ4074 starter. Parts are so hard to find and those that are around are way outside my budget.

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    What year/model/engine/transmission is your car?
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      A starter rebuild is usually, at most, a once in the car's lifetime event. It is not like you will be continually spending the difference in cost.
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        I have been running my 6v positive ground starter on 12v negative ground since 2006 without a problem. Is there something wrong with your starter? Neal


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          My car is a 40's Champion. 4dr sedan with the flat six. The current starter was refurbished two years ago and is working fine, I do have a working core that I am in the process of rebuilding.

          I want to change to 12 volts for various reasons. adding extra accessories etc. My concerns are the horror stories I read about the 6 volt starter drives and ring gears getting destroyed due to the increase starter RPM's when putting 12 volts through them.




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            I have never heard of problems due to rpm. The issues I have encountered is mixing ring gears and starter drives. If the ring gear and starter drive are not properly matched, they will eat each other up. Neal


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              I routinely use 12V to start old 6V +grd IH tractors that need a little extra coaxing and have never had any adverse effect . I have upgraded to an 8V battery for some of them and it has helped also .

              If you were to be cranking for very long periods of time because of some other issue causing problems , this would not be good for the starter or ignition system . But everything else being normal , it causes no problem .