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53 Commander coupe Hood adjustment

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  • Body / Glass: 53 Commander coupe Hood adjustment

    I need help with hood adjustment Its up about 1 inch on both sides this is at the rear what adjustment lowers the hood, I haven't put the new springs on yet would that help, thanks Joe

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    You might put the springs on and try it. That's one of the reasons they are there.
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      I put the springs on and it made it worse, I put the heavy spring pointingto the front and the small one down to the body, thats the way they looked in the manuel. maybe someone can look at theirs and tell me.


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        Sounds like you have the springs backward. The adjustment is three bolts on the bottom of the hinge. Go easy. Do you have the cowl weatherstrip on? Put the springs on. Loosen the bolts slightly then lower the hood slow. When you get down bump the hood down with your hands. If it goes down right, then raise the hood by pulling forward and up easy. Get to top and retighten hinges. This sometimes takes a little time.


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          I don't think the spring plays any part in the hood position, the hinge assembly can only move forward or back . The hood studs fit size for size however the hinge can move as the holes are elongated. The spring just goes with the flow and has no effect on the adjustment. If a hinge is compromised or damaged may cause separate issues. If the hood studs are misaligned may effect the installation. The only adjustment is fore and aft of the hood when bolted to the hinges. Inspect the hinges closely for any damage and/or any warping of the hood.

          I had a similar problem with my trunk lid, one side sat up and the other side tucked right down.
          Some time ago the PO had backed into a tree or post and pressed the right fender inward and it was hardly noticeable just a slight crease, no problem just pound the crease out and make it good. However the impact also pressed the corner of the body slightly upward and consequently raised the hinge assembly about 1/4". There was no adjustment for this, therefore it required some space washers to relocate the hinge somewhat lower. The only adjustment of the trunk lid is the same as the hood just in or out but not up or down. When I remove the rear window and replaced the rubber, the assembly was mostly routine except for the same corner, the rubber would not tuck in tight. The damage is not visible unless you look extremely close.


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            There may be some helpful information in the Ray-Lin Studebaker Restoration link at the top of the Tech Talk Board. I recall reading his detailed instructions about aligning the front body panels on C/K bodies several years ago.
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              Correction for my #5 post, there is some up and down adjustment also, I just installed my hood and I noticed this. The holes in the hinges are fore and aft and the holes in the fixed brackets are up and down. Just put them in the middle and snug them up and then tap the hood with a rubber hammer in to position.