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R2 upgrade

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  • Engine: R2 upgrade

    I'm going to visit a guy tomorrow who has parts for an R2 upgrade he wants to sell, including the Paxton supercharger I currently have a standard 289 in the machine shop waiting to be rebuilt, and am considering taking this opportunity to explore the R2 clone route. The 289 is from about 1963 and currently has a 2 barrel intake manifold. My question is this: What are the parts needed to turn a standard 289 engine into an R2 style supercharged engine? I'm not worried about purity in terms of perfect fidelity to the original R2, just a good running and powerful engine. Plus, what is needed in addition to the engine to complete this setup, such as carburetor, exhaust, etc?

    The engine will be going into a 1964 Daytona.

    What would be a fair price for the supercharger?

    Time is a bit short as I'm seeing the guy tomorrow afternoon and would like to compare what he has for sale versus what I'd need to get the conversion done.

    Thanks! RichB

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    Ideally, you should get everything external to an R2; supercharger, hoses, hat, air cleaner, bracketry, idler, pulleys, front balance damper, intake, carburetor, distributor, oil pan, water manifold.

    And yes, in today's market, that adds up to a bunch of money. How much depends on the condition of the supercharger and the carburetor, among other things. Also, whether it's from an Avanti or a Hawk/Lark.

    BTW, it's much more expensive to buy it one piece at a time. Pay more for more and end up paying less.

    jack vines


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      The hardest to find and most expensive are the; Lark/Hawk Water Manifold for a Top Mount Paxton, the Lark/Hawk angled Carb. "Bonnet", and Crank Pulleys and Balancer.

      But as Jack said you will need it ALL: S/C brackets, Tensioner Arm & Spring, Intake Manifold, Sealed R2 Carb., Crankcase Breather Tube to Pan, Oil Pan, Air Cleaner, R Series Lifter Cover, etc. etc.

      That is just the Supercharger stuff, then to make a Proper running R2, you need the R1/R2 Camshaft, Dual Point Dist. , Aluminum Cam Gear, a R2 Carter Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter with Return Line, the R1/R2 Flat Top or special Shallow Dish Avanti Pistons, .
      If you use the Shallow Dish Pistons, you can use your 1557570 '63/'64 Cyl. Heads IF they ARE.
      Is your 289 a Full Flow Filter, late '62 to '64?

      I would print this string and check them off if found tomorrow.
      A Standard Dual Exhaust and Stock 289 Manifolds will work, as that is what the Factory used.
      Second Generation Stude Driver,
      Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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        Rich, check you PM . Bob


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          Originally posted by Bob Beckert View Post
          Rich, check you PM . Bob
          Hey Bob, at 12:31 PM PDT, still nothing.
          Second Generation Stude Driver,
          Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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            Well I did visit the gentleman with the parts and he has quite a few of the ones listed, but not all. After seeing the list though, and the work that would be involved, I realized that it's probably beyond my skill and experience level to try and carry out myself. I suspect that the rebuilt stock 289, once in my 4-speed Daytona, will be enough to keep me happy. I had posted before about this car and my decision-making about whether to keep the stock 259 or rebuild a 289 that came with the car. Well, after seeing all the oil dripping from the rear seal and blue smoke blowing out of the tailpipe, I'm going with a rebuild on the 289. It's in the machine shop now.

            My other classic cars are a '64 Falcon convertible (had for 20 yrs) and a '55 Studebaker Champion (recent purchase but in the shop after collision with a deer on the second drive!), both 6 cylinders, so the 289 will be a nice change of pace.

            If you're interested in buying R2 or other parts just PM me and I can give you the phone number of the person here in Gettysburg to call.



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              I sent you a private message.