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dog house swap {front end}

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  • Body / Glass: dog house swap {front end}

    First thank you for letting me join! wanting to know if a 1951 bullet nose complete front end fit on a1952 commander if so will i need to use the core support as well.

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    An SDC member did just this swap a few years ago and it was written up in Turning Wheels. His car was a '52 hardtop, with a '51 front clip installed. I believe that the front clip is the same regardless of which Commander body style is used. Someone will remember which TW issue it was written up in.


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      The 51 and 52 bodies and chassis are virtually identical. Even the shop manual just has an extra section covering the few differences for 52. (mostly for the new hardtop body) I think the 51 front cap is a bolt on.
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        Thank you for the info!


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          I did it on a friend's car ('51 4 door sedan front clip onto a '52 Starliner hardtop) a few years ago. Simple bolt on and makes the '52 look like it came from the factory that way.
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            This swap has been done before. Stephen Allens Studebaker crew performed the swap for a chapter member a decade or so ago. it did turn out well then the member dropped off the face of the planet! Luck Doofus