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P2 tailgate hinge screws for 62 Champ?

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  • Body / Glass: P2 tailgate hinge screws for 62 Champ?

    I am trying to remove my P2 55" tailgate in order to repair the rust or possibly replace it.

    I have tried everything to loosen the flathead slotted screws that hold the hinges for my P2 tailgate including awkwardly heating the nuts to red hot while smacking the screw with an impact driver. They are not budging. So I am left with drilling the screws and retapping the holes.

    My January 1963 parts book lists the part number for the P2 hinges but not for the screws that hold the hinges in place. The P1 screws are listed including size, thread, and length.

    Can anyone please tell me the part number for the screws and/or the particulars about the screws (size, thread, length)? Is it possible they are the same as those used on the P1 bed?

    Also, if I manage to get the hinge on one side removed will that be sufficient to remove the tailgate?

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    I have a P2 box here I could look at. I also have a selection of NOS Studebaker flathead screws, so if you determine what size you, I might have some.

    Do you have an electric welder available, either stick or MIG? Then clamp a large-ish nut over the screw head, one with a bore just a little smaller than the screw head. Center it so only the middle part of the screw head is seen through the bore of the nut. Then weld the nut to the screw head, being sure to start your arc on the screw, and then move the puddle to the nut. That accomplishes two things: heats up the screw with intense, fast heat, before the cage nut in the body begins to get warm, and puts a large handle on the screw so you can turn it with a wrench. The differential heating of the screw versus the cage nut causes the screw to expand, and applies crushing pressure to the rust crystals between it and the nut, and helps to break the rust bond. If the weld breaks, and the nut comes free, weld on another one, and try again. Eventually, a weld will "take", and the screw either comes out (Yay!), or breaks off, in which case you are back at drilling, with a little less metal to go through.
    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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      If the screws are the same as used on car hinges, I have a jar full that I picked up at SASCO years ago. Would be glad to mail you some if it is what you need.
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        Thanks, I may contact you. It occurred to me that if I end up drilling and tapping the holes I could pick any bolts I want.


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          I looked at my '62 Champ with P2 box today, and the visible hinge screws are slotted flathead screws, bigger than those used on Studebaker car doors. I would say they are probably 3/8" coarse thread. I have never seen slotted flathead screws in 3/8" fine thread, but of course that does not mean they don't exist.
          Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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            I wish I recall the size but I was able to find replacements at Ace Hardware. They have Allen heads so they are easier to remove later if you need to.
            Ron Dame
            '63 Champ