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Using a Hurst shifter in a GT Hawk

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Using a Hurst shifter in a GT Hawk

    62 GT Hawk. Factory 4 speed. Any information or knowledge on using Hurst linkage. Thanks in advance, JTaylor

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      Had a Hurst in my '64 Hawk. Sweet. Never understood why they'd offer a T-10 trans. with a pos shift linkage. I believe that same year Corvette set up is what you want.


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        I have a Hurst shifter on my ‘63 GT Hawk and it is without a doubt the best thing I ever did for the car. Shifts are at least half the distance and smooth as glass.
        I had a mounting plate made for instaIling it, and vaguely remember finding the diagram to make it in one of the Dick Datson modification books for Studebakers.
        I just looked through the one the I have at hand and it’s not in it.
        I do remember when I was installing mine, that bending the shift rods so that they would line up with the holes on the shifters linkage, was an absolute nightmare. Those rods are VERY hard to bend. They don’t need much, but were a real pain for a 18-19 year old kid that I was.
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