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  • Drive Shaft: 2 piece driveshaft information

    I am putting a combination of studebaker driveline together that was never offered from the factory, I want to run a two piece driveshaft, and I am wondering if there is a table anywhere of the car front and rear driveshaft lengths?

    The car is a 1948 champion convertible, 289 full
    flow motor, t85/od, and a narrowed Ford 9” with a centered pinion yoke.

    I am guessing a custom driveshaft is in my cards, but there is always hope that I can use sections from other car driveshafts.
    54 Champion coupe
    48 Champion Convert

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    YES! You are in Luck because the Tech Writers at Studebaker Corp. wrote the BEST Parts Catalogs in the Business.

    They list the Center of the U Joint Cup hole Length to same on the other end (or shaft end) for each Part Number, for each type: Wheelbase, Differential, Transmission and Engine available in the Year Range of the Chassis Parts Catalogs for the Front and the Rear Shaft in 32nd's and sometimes 64th's of Inches.
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