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Removing front Coil Springs on a 1950 Champion.

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  • Front Axle / Front Suspension: Removing front Coil Springs on a 1950 Champion.

    I used to have a really good way of taking the front coils off a older studebaker. I cant find the information in my office. It used a Floor Jack and a Chain. Does anyone have the information which give step by step of removal I have the book, but prefer the Chain and Floor Jack.

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    You put the floor jack underneath the lower A-Arm, place chain around bottom of floor jack and over the upper A-Arm (give the chain a little slack-the trick will be to judge what is enough to allow the lower A-Arm to drop down enough later), jack the jack, which will compress the spring, remove the king pin nut, release tension slowly, which will allow the threaded end of the king pin to slip out of the lower support, (some times it will just drop out, others you may have to give it a little tug), which will release the spring. Make sure you have the front end jacked up high enough, (and on jack stands), to allow the lower A-Arm to fully drop down, otherwise, it will not drop far enough for the spring to be removed.



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      Honestly Roy, I was there and seen this "chain" method almost take my Dad's thumb off when that chain let loose..

      Not a fan of the chain method..

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      I use an internal spring compressor..

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      Compresses it enough to easily insert or remove..


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        Thanks guys for the information