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64 Power Auto Transmission Leak

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    Thanks! I have the Shop Manual and I’m starting to refer to it more. I’m still learning how these are documented— which is very different from Jaguar and Ferrari.
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      If you are looking for it to be complicated like other makes, it is not, too simple for some "Over Thinkers" to understand!

      You have a 64V-K6: Year 1964, Engine "V" = Eight Cylinder, Body "K" =120 1/2" W/B Hardtop, Trim Level 6, =(Top and Only level that year).

      There are VERY few running or Annual CHANGES on Parts of Studebakers, Change = DOLLARS, Millions of them that they did not have.

      Example: without looking it up in very Old Books some of which I do not have, I can say that accelerator Pedal accordion BOOT on the Rod under the Pedal, fits up to Mid 1965 and back to around the 1930's!
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