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  • Ignition: Any particular coil ??

    I recently had a failure on my 200 mile trip up north (ME). Turned out to be a bad NOS rotor. In a lucky break, the NAPA that was 1/4 mile away had a new rotor & cap in stock...... In diagnosing the problem, I realized there were only 2 things that weren't replaced recently (<6 months / 2000 miles) : spark plug wires and coil. I've replaced the plug wires new this week. Now to the coil. The system is Delco and the coil I installed is an unused Mexican unit I had originally replaced in my 59' wagon (which eventually went Autolite).

    Stamped on the coil is "internal resistance" which I have had no issues with in my 12V converted 2R6 with original Delco equipment. Now, from one of our friendly vendors, can any internally resisted coil work in this set up ?? I think I got my present one for a 59' 178 cid flatty.

    I usually like to have a "safety box" in the vehicle (not this time), and would like to carry spares on my many trips > 500 miles.

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    So we are working on a 2R5 with a 169 c.i.d. small six engine with a Delco 12 Volt Distributor?
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      It has always been my theory that if the coil is giving no problems or an indication of failing, then leave it alone. The coils on my 62 GT and 63 Avanti have been in service for many years without problems. If the coil now in service was produced by Delco, Autolite, NAPA etc, then it is probably a better than some of the new stock coils I've seen in recent history. Bud


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        I can see the confusion. The truck is 2R6, a Commander 6 engine. The coil was bought for a 59' Lark 170. Both systems (were) are Delco.


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          Yes. Any internally 12V ballasted coil should fit your truck as long as its resistances values (primary & secondary) are close to the original ones. You could also select a Bosch blue coil with a higher output if your secondary ignition components are able to handle it.
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            My first post got deleted because of my choice of words, so I'll try again. Using a coil with different resistance values than those specified can result in the two contact points trading surface material which causes a high point on one contact and a low on the other. The result is that the contacts no longer have flat surfaces= inaccurate dwell.

            I regularly return 70 year old coils back to service after some clean up, minor repair, testing for resistance and spark color.


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              While resurrecting my 75 year old US6, which has been sitting for 25 years, (which I am pressing into snow removal duty this winter) I used an MSD high voltage unit and it worked excellently.