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Interior Lights On With Key Only

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  • Electrical: Interior Lights On With Key Only

    A few weeks back I blogged regarding an electrical short I had in my '63 R2 GT Hawk that drained my battery. After much testing and review, I ordered a new ignition switch/key combination from Studebaker International and installed it yesterday. It appears to have resolved the short... however, now, the interior lights only light when the key is in the On or ACC position. With the old switch, the lights worked by simply opening the door, as they should. As an FYI, the brake lights only illuminate now with the key in On or ACC as well. I've wired the new switch exactly as the old switch was. I suppose it is possible that there is a flaw in the switch, however any thoughts to resolve this are appreciated!
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    I don't like having to call you wrong, but the ONLY way that could happen is the Power feed to the Stop and Dome Light wire is connected to the "ACC" Terminal on the Ign. Sw. instead of where it SHOULD be, on the Batt. Terminal.

    What about the Turn Signals? Have you checked if they work correctly?
    That same Fuse Panel that has the Power Wire for the Stop/Dome Circuit also has the "Keyed" Power wire to the Turn Signal Fuse.
    Are the Turn Signals working all the time? If so those two wires are reversed.
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      Rich is right. It is pretty easy to put something where it does not belong. (You can always blame the last person who wired the switch.) Go to the wiring diagram in your big yellow shop manual. Several years ago I put the wires back just as they were and fried a wiring harness. NEVER assume something is put together correctly! When you are changing a switch with multiple connections, move one terminal at a time. Change one spark plug at a time.