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56 gauge Cluster --- Removal of Fuel Gauge

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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: 56 gauge Cluster --- Removal of Fuel Gauge

    Goal; Don't disturb much, AND get access--- a dream ??

    So, I removed glove box--which allowed me to remove Speedo
    both moves gave me some access to removal screws/nuts for cluster hold down
    I can get at (3) screws/nuts, with some effort

    But the dilemma is the 4th lower left cluster bracket screw/nut is behind a Nest of wires ect
    this is the screw & nut closest to the ignition switch----too much to remove to reasonably get at it

    so getting at that one fuel gauge while leaving the cluster in the dash with the speedo out almost seemed doable.....
    But, also there seems to be a gauge hold down plate on the back of the cluster body--- so that has to come off----but again it has a screw near the ignition Switch as well, behind a rats nest of wires--cant get at it

    anybody have any other approaches/options for an easy-ish access for removal that I maybe missing ??

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    I have to guess that this is a '56 Sedan or Wagon?
    Because a Hawk Glovebox would be SO far away as not to matter at all, and would not need to be removed.

    However removing the Speedometer makes no sense, since it would be out of the way on the TOP of the Dash.
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      Are there pictures of it in the chassis parts catalog?
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        YES a 1956 Wagon commander


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          Just a comment; it's impossible to remove a Hawk glove box without a saw or some other cutting tool, since it is part of the dash. I know this because a previous owner of my '56 Golden Hawk did exactly that and I now need to fiberglass a replacement from a junk dash. Not a lot of fun.
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            Not a Hawk--its a Wagon glove box is cardboard---- held in by snap pins--- it came out


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              Their is a flexible shaft 1/4 drive tool set i use in this situation. i replaced all those "Flag Style" gauges with SW Wings style in my 56 wagon project. you can push most wires a bit to get needed clearance but i cant see back there, just have to feel, one hand only. Luck Doofus