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Up grade brakes on 1947 Champion

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  • Brakes: Up grade brakes on 1947 Champion

    What is the best way to up grade the brakes on a 1947 Studebaker Champion business coupe?

    Ron Acton

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    Your best bet is to rebuild them completely standard but try to find a nice old set of asbestos based linings to use. Be sure your drums have not been turned more than .06 oversize. Have driven over 20K miles with no problems on my 50 Champion since I did the brakes. Most of my driving is rural but there have been many trips on the interstate and Baltimore and Washington beltways. Of course I seldom drive it over 70 so they seem fine.


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      Ron, is there a specific problem or problems your '47 is having with the brakes? I, too, have a '47 Champion. It has had a lot of brake work done over the many years I have had it, so possibly I could answer a more specific question.

      Bill Jarvis