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  • Electrical: Tachometer connection

    I've noticed that there is a lot of interest in the new electronic distributors that are now available. I was also wondering if anyone has figured out if there is a way to use an original tachometer with these new distributors. Specifically if there would be a way to connect the tachometer in my 62 GT Hawk.

    Roger List
    Roger W. List
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    They have a Wire and Plug for the Tach.
    Look at the Wiring Diagram sometimes in the Ads for about a Half Dozen different "Brands" of these same Chicom Distributors.

    here is all you will ever want to know about these, and More:
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      I read completely through the link above. I found one comment asking about this issue but couldn't find a specific answer to the question anywhere.
      Roger W. List
      Proud Studebaker Owner


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        I'm just about to do the same, they will connect up ok, but I don't think it will be accurate, I'm thinking the gauge will have to re-calibrated, or just work out the difference
        & mentally re-adjust. I think it's because Electronic Distributors require a full wack of 12v, not like the standard points type that have a resistor to govern the amount of volts,
        stand to be corrected on this,

        regards, Cus