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Air adjustable rear shocks 1960 Lark two door convertible

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  • Shocks: Air adjustable rear shocks 1960 Lark two door convertible

    Good morning all ,
    I read alot of old posts about this subject and I was wondering if anything has changed in the shock absorber world for Larks ???
    looking to add air bags or shocks to the Lark 1960 2 door to level load when towing small boat around Florida . Has anyone noted anything new on the market ??

    thanks for the help today and in the not so far away past .

    Joe in Tampa

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    The only thing which has changed is the Studes have gotten older. Your results may vary, but the Stude rear shock mount crossmember was never designed as a load carrying member. We've seen some rip out when air shocks or coil-over load levelers are used.

    It's of course, load dependent and road dependent and how much salt and humidity the car has seen to this point.

    jack vines


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      What you need is a Good New set of H.D. Five leave Rear Springs, a Car should not be towing over 5000 Lbs. so the tongue weight should not be all that much to need Air Shocks.
      Second Generation Stude Driver,
      Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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        thanks to both of you for the input , this is a 1000 lb 13 foot Boston whaler, my other two boats are 3000 and 5000 pounds and I pull them with my pick up truck, and Daniel at gabriel shock came up with an air assist shock part number 49215 Gabriel .needs a little spacer at the top to make it fit , and I gotta say the upper shock mount framework looks like it is brand new and quite sturdy , so I will give it a try . Daniel at gabriel tech number is 800-999-3903 , very nice and very patient man did great job for me , Thanks again .Joe in Tampa