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New Mber with 1951 Studebaker Champion - Directional Signals & One Electric Windshield Don't Work

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  • Electrical: New Mber with 1951 Studebaker Champion - Directional Signals & One Electric Windshield Don't Work

    This is probably pretty vague, but I just purchased a 51 Studebaker Champion Coupe, that has gone through 5 years of restoration. From looking at all the receipts the previous owner gave me, he did alot of replacements of parts. There appears to be new wiring under the dash, 2 flasher units hanging under steering column, a repop directional signal unit that does not work. Nor does one of the electric windshield wipers. Car is still 6 volt. Before I pay a bazillion bucks to a mechanic to go through the wiring, is there a resource to guide me how to check wiring? I do have a manual on order. I know that this question is vague, but I'm hoping (praying) for a tip on fixing this problem. Thank you.

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    On the wiring, the safest thing to do is to make sure the car is still wired as Studebaker designed it. From your new manual, print out the wiring diagram on the largest paper format your local printshop has. Color in lines as you trace them. Trace by doing a continuity check with a meter and a long wire ending with an alligator clip on the disconnected wire. While tracing, inspect the wires for insulation failure and test that any non ground wire isn't shorted to ground. Trace all wires, there aren't really very many.

    For the turn signals, I had a late '51 switch, so wired it according to a diagram which matched a 1952. If you stay with the 'repop' switch, you will need to determine its electrical connectivity in each position to figure out how to wire it. The second flasher may have been an attempt to get 4 way flashers.

    On the wiper, you should have one wiper motor on the top center of the firewall under the hood. It runs both wipers via arms under the dash. One arm must be disconnected.


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      The Wiper should be an easy fix, the Wiper Driver arm for one side is disconnected from the Motor Shaft.

      As for the non operational Turn Signals, I would have to see under the dash to have a clue.
      The second Flasher Unit could be the Original Studebaker one and the other is the Aftermarket one.
      OR, the second one could be for a 4 way Flasher System, look for a 4 Way Switch.

      These Cars are quite simple to work on, if you have ANY mechanical knowledge at all you could fix the things that were missed.
      Check that the 6 Volt 3 Cell Group One Battery is connected with the Positive + Cable to Ground.

      Edit: Sorry for the duplication, I started this at 7:00 PM and stopped for Dinner.
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        Welcome to our forum. When you find an opportunity, post some pictures of your car and the items you are needing assistance with. As you say, the previous owner spent years restoring the car. However, some folks seem to confuse restoring with improvising, cobbling, patching, and tinkering. Don't get in a rush to get it out and about until you have checked its safety points so that you are confident it is reliable enough to venture out onto the highway in a reasonably dependable and safe manner.

        If you have not done so, join the Studebaker Drivers Club which subscribes you to our excellent Turning Wheels magazine. I know you live in a huge state and sometimes fellow members are miles away. But, we have many knowledgeable Studebaker folks in California and if you can make a few friends among fellow members, hopefully, you can get some friendly mentoring that will make your Studebaker experience even more enjoyable.
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          The Karel Stapel chapter is right in her back yard and the Sequoia chapter surrounds her father's back yard, so she is in good hands club wise.
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            Thanks to all!