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  • Fuel System: Carter WE 989SA

    I have had my carbs professionally re-built which are dual Carter WE #989SA carbs on my 59 Lark Flathead project. Going through fuel like crazy and could it be the jet size that Bill Cathcart installed years ago? I haven't taken the top of the carbs off to see what the jet sizes are.
    What should the jet size be and where can you get the jets?

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    How is performing the car? Any other troubles? What is your fuel consumption? How many HP Bill Cathcart squeezd from this engine? With such a setup, a mileage decrease is inevitable. Graham Gagné performed a comparable job with good results. You might ask him what jets he used. I would hook up a vacuum gauge on your engine to be sure it is tuned as it should but only an O2 sensor can give you the best results.
    Nice day to all.


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      The engine is bone stock as I did not purchase the engine from Cathcart, just the intake manifold and Carter carbs, headers and aluminum head.


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        What is that Giant Power Robbing H.D. Commercial Alternator looking thing? Looks like something you would use on a Truck to convert to AC to run Power Saws, Drills, Grinders, Mills etc. And an Automatic Trans.? Sounds like all that would reduce any gain from the High Compression Head and Dual Carbs.
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          Hi Rich-thanks for your comments. You are a plethora of knowledge and your comments surprised me. Not your style to criticize my changes.
          You obviously don't remember my 2R that had all the same equipment and I could run all day at 70 MPH.
          Just for your info it is a very small rated alternator. Now that the carbs are tuned properly the mileage is approaching 20 mpg.
          Gee Rich I believe that you like stock better than custom but I thought you would appreciate my changes and the car is pretty.