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relocating gas tank on 1954 c/k hardtop

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  • Fuel System: relocating gas tank on 1954 c/k hardtop

    Putting dual exhaust on my '54 hdtp.. Seems moving the tank 1 1/2" to the passenger side gives alot of extra room for the drivers side pipe. Only thing is gas pipe is to short. Is there a longer production hose that might work? I don't know if newer c/k cars have a different size or shape tank with maybe longer hose? Has anyone done this?

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    AFAIK there is only one hose available; and the slight angle at its center is critical to prevent it collapsing. A piece of straight hose will kink shut unless there is some way to massage it to an angle.
    I added a left side pipe to my '53 coupe, and it is a close fit, but still isn't touching either the tank or the frame rail.
    If your concern is heat from the pipe, there are exhaust pipe heat wraps available from most auto parts stores, Amazon, Summit, Jeggs, etc.
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      I moved the tank on our '53 to the right to center it for dual exhaust. It was over 30 years ago so don't remember for sure if I replaced the rubber filler hose, but I think so. If so, I got it at Napa, or the local parts store. I did replace it on our 61 lark about 5 years ago and it did come from the local store.


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        The 1955 Models and all Hawks to 1964, either Had Dual Exhausts or could have been ordered with them, and the Factory did not move the Tanks.
        So I don''t see any problem adding them. The Tail Pipe Size was 1 3/4 on '56 to '64 and they even got 2 Inch ones onto the '55's!

        I could see where you might have a problem if you tried 2 1/4 Inch Tail Pipes.

        Incidentally, a '53 or '54 Starliner Hardtop is a "K" Body, only Starlight Coupes were "C" Bodies, so NO C/K's.
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          The tank in our '53 was definitely closer to the left spring than it is on our '62. There was no way even a 1 3/4" pipe would fit through there. Perhaps Studebaker changed the tank mounts in '55?