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Crank shaft pulley info wanted 1966

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  • Crank shaft pulley info wanted 1966

    I need to get a crankshaft pulley for the 283 from a 1966 Cruiser.
    The car had power steering and air conditioning.
    I would appreciate any information on this - picture, part number, number of grooves, etc.

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    According to my Stude parts book, the p/n is 1565418, it is a 3-groove pulley, 6 5/8" diameter, SASCO does not list, but it should be easy to locate...I assume a GM item...there is a guy on EBAY that seems to be selling a 66 piece by piece?....


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      Thanks. The guy selling the 66 parts you refer to is me. I am reusing the engine but all the pulleys are missing. Would you be able to tell me what pully to use on the fan also. I appreciate your help.


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        According to my book the p/n is 1565352 for all applications, it is a single groove pulley, 6 1/4" diameter with a 2 3/4" total height. The 65 model year lists different pulleys for a/c & non a/c equipped cars.....that surprises me. If you have trouble coming up with these let me know, I have a 66 cruiser for parts that should have all the pulleys on it, but its about a half hour away from me


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          I have a 1565352 pulley N.O.S. for $30.00 (plus $7.00 shipping)
          I have several 65/66 V8 engines. transmisstons etc.
          I am in Illinois the only state where our Governors make our license plates!
          Robert Kapteyn