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  • Engine: Freeze plug seating

    Any tips on what to use to seat the middle plug on the passenger side of a 232 in the car? 53 Starliner. How far in from the surface of the block? My new plug seems to be in about 2mm, which seems deeper than the original plug next to it.
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    It sounds like you MAY have a Late 1962 to 1964 Full Flow Oil Filter Block in your '53. These have "CUP" Type Core Plugs.

    An Original 1953 to early 1962 V8 Block would have the "Disc" Type Core Plugs that are domed outward and must be perfectly Flat when installed.

    If they ARE Disc Type, and one is deeper, the narrow, flat "Ridge" it is supposed to seat on, may be rusting away.

    Usually a coat of Aviation Type thick Liquid Permatex on the sealing surface will do it.
    But you obviously have "other" issues than that.

    Also if One Core Plug is rusted out, the other 5 are on their way out also.
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      No tips how to seat when you can’t get straight at it?


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          If you have a block that uses the cup type of core plug, you can use the expandable type that is easier to use in difficult places.
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            Where did you get it Topper?


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              I ordered the tool from EBay. Thanks Topper