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  • Electrical: Lights not working

    Thinks I found the two fuses..they look now what?
    1948 Champion
    Problem with fuse? No headlights/tail/break lights.
    So I turn the light switch knob once and I have running lights. Blinkers work. Turn the knob one more click and I have no lights whatsoever. Shop manual says there is a 30amp fuse behind the main light switch and another on the left side of the dash. I'll be damned if I can see/find either one. If anyone can help and maybe snap a pic of what I'm looking for I'd be forever grateful
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    The reason you don't see a Fuse behind the Switch is that it is a rectangular small box that is a Circuit Breaker.

    I do not believe there are any more protection devices in the lighting Circuit.

    The Fuses you are looking for unnecessarily, are probably the Turn and Stop Light/Dome Light Fuses that do not affect Headlights, Parking Lights, Instrument Lights or License Lights.

    You simply need a new Headlight Switch or, turn it OFF & ON enough times to "Clean" the Contacts.

    OR, it is the Dimmer Switch under the floor exposed to dirt, water and rust or it's connections.
    You also could try working that Switch a bit, try the High Beams etc.

    See if the Tail Lights come on with High Beams on, and Headlights, if they do, and do not in Low Beam the Hd. Lt. Sw. is OK, and the Dimmer Switch is shot.
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      Can you spray some electrical contact cleaner into the back and sides of the headlight switch? Then immediately/quickly turn the switch of and on several times as Rich suggested.

      When the dimmer switch failed on my Lark, you could feel that it was bad. It moved stiffly and felt "crunchy".
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        It could be that one or more of the 3 wires connecting to the dimmer switch has become disconnected. One of the 3 is the low beam, a second is the high beam, and the third is the feed. Worth checking before buying a replacement switch that might not even be needed.
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          Your Stop Lights (Break) being Broken is another issue from the Headlights.

          That could be the Stop Light Switch, the Turn Signal Switch or it's wiring or connections, since the Left and Right Tail Light Bright Filaments HAVE to be wired Through the Turn Signal Switch to determine if Left, Right or Both need to light.
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          Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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            Do like they said, but check the breaker with a volt-ohm meter. Should be zero resistance. If infinite, replace the breaker. If OK check the switch with volt ohm meter. It should go from zero in the on position to infinite in the off position. If that is OK, the run a jumper from neg pole of batt to wire at switch: the lights should come on. If they don't and the bulbs are good , run a ground from ground wire in bucket to a good clean ground. If the lights still do not come on you are dealing with an open circuit between switch and bulbs. Run a new wire (use 14 ga as it is 6v) Happy Hunting! (don't forget to check wire from batt to switch could be there's no juice getting to switch and that an easy fix)