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Commander 6 squeak

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    Originally posted by (S) View Post
    Reach down to the heat riser valve and rotate it as slowly as you can , back and forth to open/ close it... You might hear it squeak.
    You are probably missing the small, anti- rattle spring.
    A bit of PB blaster now and then will keep it quiet.
    That's a good idea.

    And it's worth reminding everyone that one should never use any kind of oil on the heat riser. The heat will cook it into goo and gum up the works and the heat riser will stick in one position.
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      I don’t know if this will be anyone else’s problem, but this is what happened to me.

      Earlier this year I did a complete rebuild of a ‘55 pickup, including rebuilding a ‘63 vintage full flow 289 punched .060” over. The engine was a short block that had been rebuilt 20 years ago and never used. I took it apart, fixed what was done incorrectly, and reassembled with new bearings.

      After a couple-three hours of running, it developed a rhythmic squeak. Here are some of the things I did:

      Removed fan and AC belts.

      Removed fuel pump.

      Installed a different distributor.

      Removed valve covers and ran engine to verify each rocker was getting oil.

      After eliminating everything external I took a length of fuel hose and used it as a stethoscope. Upon putting the hose down the oil filler pipe (63 engine made to look like a 55) the squeak was so loud I thought it blew out my ear drum.

      I started pulling the front of the engine apart and got as far as taking the timing cover off. I noticed that the little spacer/washer that rides on the snout of the camshaft was touching the inside edge of the camshaft thrust plate. I removed the spacer and one area had a significant spot of wear. I grabbed an NOS spacer and it was quite a bit smaller in diameter than the one in the engine. It was the one that came with the short block and was obviously not correct.

      I put everything back together with the right spacer and no more noise.

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        Good find Matt! That is the Cam Spacer that adjusts the Camshaft end play, that is SUPPOSED to be Mic'd to get the proper difference between it and the Spacer Plate thickness BEFORE Assembly.

        That definitely could cause some noise!

        I think I have some factory return Tags around here somewhere, to return it to Plant 8 for a Refund or Replacement.
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