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1942 Studebaker Champion model designations

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  • Other: 1942 Studebaker Champion model designations

    I am creating historical information on our website for the Champion Series Studebaker cars. Mostly the ref. material I use (when available) is Fred Fox's feature articles from Turning Wheels, but when that is not available I use other books and ref. material from the internet. I am currently looking at the 1942 Studebaker Champions and very little information about these cars is available.

    My question today has to do with the model designations. In 1941 there were five models, Coupe, Opera Coupe, Double Dater Coupe, Club Sedan, and Cruising Sedan, in three trim levels, Custom, Custom Deluxe, and Delux-tone. The Custom trim levels designations were Q1, Q3,Q3S,F3,W3, Custom Deluxe were Q2, Q4, Q4S, F5, W5, and last Delux-tone were Q8, Q10, Q10S, F9, W9.

    For 1942 the Custom Deluxe trim level was eliminated and Delux-tone was renamed Deluxstyle. The Opera Coupes were no more.

    Was the 1942 Custom Coupe Q1?
    Was the 1942 Custom Double Dater now Q3 instead of Q3S or maybe Q2?
    Was the 1942 Custom Club Sedan F3?
    Was the 1942 Custom Cruising Sedan W3?
    Was the 1942 Deluxstyle Coupe Q8, as was the 1941 Delux-tone?
    Was the 1942 Deluxstye Double Dater now Q10 instead of Q10S or maybe Q4?
    Was the 1942 Deluxstyle Club Sedan F9, as was the 1941 Delux-tone?
    Was the 1942 Deluxstyle Cruising Sedan W9, as was the 1941 Delux-tone?

    I do not have access to the parts or body manuals for 1942, but if you have one, it might list the 1942 model designations. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Just for ref. the 1946 Champion Skyway Coupe was Q8 and the Double Dater Coupe was Q10. The Club Sedan was F7 and the Cruising Sedan was W7, but in both sedans, the "7" was not stamped on the cowl ID plate. TW April 1989 (Fred Fox).

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    My wife and I are new to the Studebaker parts business,( glass & rubber). All of the different models in one year can become quite a nightmare for us when trying to make sure that we will be sending the correct glass. The NAGS glass manual is very accurate, if you have the numbers from the body tag, but not all customers have this information. It would be great to find a reference book that detailed how each model came equipped, and the differences in models all in one year.


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      Parts & Body manuals.
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        I also do not care for the codes, but I'll try to help.

        Q through Q 10 S Those codes were for the coupes and as far as I know, ran through all of the years, until they had to change them, add to them...... Most of the letter codes were the same also.. the dash with a number was pretty consistent.

        Q shows up in the 1920's books and pretty sure it ended in 1952. The 1953 coupes became known as C bodies until 1961........


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          Don't for get to include information about the dechromed 'blackout' Model 90 Champions: