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New Distributor for Blu

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  • Ignition: New Distributor for Blu

    I just installed this "bad boy" on Friday.

    Click image for larger version

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    It's from TSP. ebay item # 324207607569

    Install was straight forward, although getting it to "sit down" took a little persuasion.
    Fired right up right away after it was all connected.

    The car seems to be idiling smother and running with a little more authority.

    I'm using the gold springs and the black bushing. Intial timing my be a touch high, I'm guesstimating about 10 degress but don't know for certain, I only have a basic timing light. It's pulling 20 inches of vaccuum at 750 rpm.

    Initial impression is great, took Blu on a 3 hour run right after - so far so good.

    Will advise of any problems down the road.


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    Oh good, you did not get the one that has those annoying backwards MALE Spark Plug and Coil wire Receptacles in the Cap!
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      The first unit I was looking at had the HEI type cap. I asked the seller if I he could swap the cap to the traditional style. He me pointed to this package which also included the coil.


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        Looks pretty nice. It's amazing that someone would make this for a Studebaker. That must mean we are getting into the main stream?

        I wonder why a "points coil" will not work.
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          Originally posted by RadioRoy View Post
          It's amazing that someone would make this for a Studebaker. That must mean we are getting into the main stream?
          Roy, it's Chicom.

          China has 1,439,323,776 people to feed and they're expected to work to eat. Their new CNC factories can make one of anything anyone anywhere might want to buy and do it incredibly efficiently.

          FWIW, because we're members of a couple of automotive industry groups, I get e-mail solicitations from China regularly. "We manufacture xxxxxx. Send us a computer file drawing of your parts; we'll give you a quote and have a sample part to you within one month."

          jack vines



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            Originally posted by RadioRoy View Post

            I wonder why a "points coil" will not work.
            I'm on thin ice here but I think the statement may have more to do with the fact that the stock coil operates with ballist resistor. I by-passed the resistor with this install.


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              If we could get them to make aluminum R3 heads for $500.00 a pair.....


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                Studebaker International has these available now, as well. If I remember correctly, they are about the same price as ebay.


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                  I saw the item on the SI site but I wanted the cap with the traditional terminal hence the e bay purchase.