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crankshaft and rod torque

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  • crankshaft and rod torque

    Can someone help with torque values? I have a 1931 Stuebaker Boyer fire truck that we are restoring. I thought that the mains bolts should be torques to 80ftlbs but the engine won't turn over with the main bolts at 80. Any suggestions?

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    even if you are overtorquing something else is wrong, make sure you are putting the right caps in the right place, bearing shells inserted correctly with no dirt behind them, put them on one at a time and keep turning crank, hopefully this will help you find the problem


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    55 Commander Starlight


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      I would remove all of the main caps and bearings and begin fitting each cap one at a time by feeling the inner edges and measuring the inner height. Either your caps are in the wrong place or backwards or the bearings are the wrong size..


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        As I've said many times, internal engine assembly is NOT for beginners! It's NOT just a matter of removing parts and replacing with new!

        Engine assembly starts with careful evaluation of all components, and even MORE careful measuring to make sure everything is right. Did you plasti-gauge everything before assembling? Next, everything has to be spotlessly clean during assembly. You didn't let your fingers touch the surfaces of any bearings, did you? The acids in your skin can ruin the bearings- they need to be handled by the edges only.

        We get tricked by manuals that tell the R&R sequence, but fail to adequately cover all the precautions necessary. Some books make it look like it's no different than changing any other part, you just need a torque wrench. It's just NOT that simple. I'm wondering if this is your situation?

        Some may disagree with the above; but with anything less you may or may not get one to run- and chances are you'll have problems and/or premature failure. I've been involved with resto work and race cars for over 35 years, and have plenty of experience with things like this, and I still don't trust myself to do internal rebuilds. Not worth risking the work and expense.

        Best of luck on your project, and keep us updated!

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