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Serial number range for 1953 champion

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  • Other: Serial number range for 1953 champion

    I have a 1953 champion that the title and serial number do not agree.
    the title has xxx22xxx and the car serial number is xxx2xxxx.
    i wonder what the serial number range was for 1953 Champions?

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    Hello Nick, Welcome to the SDC and to the SDC Forum!
    You can Join SDC from the Home Page Link.

    The Serial Number on the Plate is what matters, Paperwork often have errors needing correction.

    To satisfy your curiosity, you can find the Engine numbers right here on the SDC Website:

    This shows that 1953 South Bend Champion Engines Started at: 1,004,001 and 1954's Started at 1,090,001.

    '53 Canadian engines at: C-46,501 and '54 Canadian Engines at: C-55,782

    Until 1954 in some States like Calif. Vehicles were Registered by their Engine Number, and need to be re-Titled to the actual Vehicle Serial Number, as Engines change and it was a very bad idea.

    1953 Champion Car Serial Numbers at the:
    South Bend Plant Started at: G1,197,501
    Los Angeles (Vernon Plant): G917,701
    Hamilton, Ontario Canada: G745,101

    The title Serial Number on all Champions SHOULD have the Preceding "G", that would be a clue as to WHAT Number it is.

    Also keep in mind that all 1's (Numeric) are stamped as "I" 's (Eyes).
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