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57 golden hawk rims

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  • Wheels: 57 golden hawk rims

    can someone tell me what rims to buy for a 1957 golden hawk?
    the originals are not running straight.

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    I know they are 15" x5" but does anyone know what rims I can buy that will still accept the original wheel covers?


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      You can look for a Ford wheel at junkyard. Be careful about offset; you don't want to stray too far from original. The wheel covers should fit--check fit before buying. Also--Very Important --use Ford lugnuts. Left hand Ford Lugnuts are available for about $1 Good Studebaker rims are getting hard to find.


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        You might want to check this out...,54996.html


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          Many Hawk owners use 15 x 6" wheels. Wheel Vintiques is one source for these new. For junk yard scroungers (like me) Ford 15x6 wheels off a 70s or 80s RWD Crown Victoria or Mercury Grand Marquis. Or Chrysler wheels from the same era (15x5.5 or 15x6). For the Ford wheels be sure to use Ford lug nuts.


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            thanks for your help guys i ordered 15 x 6 rims from coker tire. assuming my same lugs will work for this rim.


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              Your original 3/4" Wrench size Lug NUTS will likely have the wrong Seat Angle and Diameter for anything except a Stude. Wheel. The Ford Nuts use a 13/16" Wrench/Socket, and are available at NAPA.

              Coker is likely selling the same Vintiques Wheels.
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                NAPA has Ford lug nuts that are necked down to accept a 3/4" socket. They have the correct-angle, larger seat for the Ford rims, but use a 3/4" socket. I use them on my '64 Hawk with Wheel Vintiques wheels. With these you can keep your original lug wrench.