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supercharger questions

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  • Engine: supercharger questions

    looking for performance statistics on an SN60 setup for a supercharger.... i.e. output pressure versus engine rpm. mine doesn't really output much pressure till 4500 rpm, then it puts out 4 pounds. Need to figure out what I'm doing wrong, so any help would be appreciated. I have all the correct pulleys etc. installed.

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    Yes, that's somewhat typical of a Paxton boost curve.

    No, they're not all that anemic.

    Maybe, share the details of your engine. Counter-intuitively, the larger the displacement or the better the engine breathes, the lower the boost. Manifold PSI reading is the measure of work the engine did driving the supercharger to pressurize more air than was ingested.

    As an example, today's turbocharged Indy engines are limited to 19-23 PSI. That's about half of what they were putting into the first generation turbo-Offys, but they still make big horsepower per inch because they breathe so well.

    jack vines


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      The boost is proportional to the square of the speed of the impeller. So if you have 4 lb of boost at 4500 rpm then you will have almost 5 lb of boost at 5000 rpm. Now that is not absolutely true as the pressure vs flow is not flat for a given rpm. But that is close to what to expect with no belt slip.
      David L