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54 Commander Starting Issue

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  • Engine: 54 Commander Starting Issue

    Our 54 Commander Starliner is stock with a 232 v8. After sitting for the winter, charge the battery up well, it will crank and crank and crank over but won't start. It is original 6v. Fuel is pumping, you can even prime it, still nothing. It has spark, and fuel. If you put a 12v boost on it, it will fire immediately and start fine for the rest of the summer. If we don't boost it, we can get the same results by tow starting it- 6 feet pull and it's running. We have installed a new coil thinking it was weak spark maybe, but we are baffled.
    Evan Davis
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    Make certain your battery cables haven't been replaced with lighter gauge 12-volt cables, and that ALL connections are clean. They won't give your starter the amps it needs to turn fast enough.
    Do you make certain your battery is fully charged before winter storage, and disconnect the negative terminal?
    And I would get an automatic battery tender for it's storage period.
    You can also install a 6-volt electric fuel pump near the tank and wire it to a momentary switch, just to prime your carburetor in the spring, rather than using engine cranking to run your mechanical pump.
    I like the Deltran 6-volt Battery Tender Junior. If your house power ever gets interrupted this tender will recognize it and turn itself back on when power returns.
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      I would be checking the starter for excessive current draw about now. it's much easier to fire a spark to ground than fire a plug under compression. BTDT. Luck Doofus


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        Run a temp jumper wire from - batt to coil + let it turn few turns and quickly stop turning. do this a few times and try.
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          Originally posted by Flashback View Post
          Run a temp jumper wire from + batt to coil + let it turn few turns and quickly stop turning. do this a few times and try.
          + battery is at ground potential.
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            Yep You right , Knew what I was thinking but said it backwards,


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              Use a heavy jumper cable and connect it directly from the positive battery terminal to a starter bolt, you likely have bad ground continuity.