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three on tree repairs

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  • three on tree repairs

    so I broke the shifter off the column on my champ the other day trying to get into reverse and I was wondering what is the simplist way to fix it where it will still work and look good. I was reading some of the old threads and saw this stuff you can use to weld pot metal but I'm not so sure about it. Any ideas?

    Thanks, Heath.

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    I seriously doubt you will ever find any way to repair pot metal that will hold up to that kind of use.

    Your only real alternatives are 1. Replace the column, or at least the collar or 2. Convert to a floor shift.

    Wish I had a better answer, but chances are any attempt to repair the collar will fail and add to your frustration, and you'll still have to do one of the above

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      Bams is probably right, although I had a Commander converted to floor shift and it was a gas! First gear was gone but the 259 starting out in second had a real nasty sound. If you like to keep it original, replace the part. Lots available, I'm sure. What year is the Champion?
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        It's a 62 and it's not a champion it's a champ pickup, and I am going to try and keep it as original as possible and still be able to drive it, Leonard S. says he'll give me one for $25 and that sounds good to me.