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Air shocks for a '51 Champion?

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  • Frame / Springs: Air shocks for a '51 Champion?

    I have a '51 Champion and a '50's Teardrop Trailer. I would like to occasionally tow the Teardrop with my Studebaker but fear the tongue weight will load the rear springs and lower the rear of the car too much. Does anyone have some information of some air shocks that would fit or Air Lift bags? Thanks in advance for any and all comments. Larry

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    Your "other" option would be a Pair of Overload Helper Springs or a pair of extra Second Leafs.
    I just don't see a sleeper teardrop as being THAT much of a load, maybe a New Set of Springs with a little more stiffness as in H.D. would do it.

    Since Air Shocks are not made for this Old a Car, they would have to be modified, or an "Almost" fit for another Make.
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      The teardrop trailer I had decades ago couldn't have had a tongue weight of more than 40 Lbs. Take the spare outta the trunk and put it in the trailor.


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        My Teardrop has a storage box on the trailer tongue in front of the trailer, so it does have a somewhat heavier tongue weight than it might be otherwise. I will try to weigh it but I know when I lift it Click image for larger version

Name:	Larry's disc Feb '07 106.JPG
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ID:	1843768 is heavy. Thanks for the input. Larry.


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          Silly Larry, that's a '57 Chevy not a Studebaker. Kidding aside, I had one like it in high school. A 210 two door, darn close to the same color, ( it was originally salmon).