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Hawk floor shift

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  • Transmission: Hawk floor shift

    Okay, I know there are some smart folks out there that can tell me what I need to know. My 1960 Hawk has a 3 spd. O.D. trans and I want to go to a floor shift. Question: what shifter is the easiest to install. I don't have an extra transmission that I can set up on a bench and work with. None of the suppliers that I have found shows one strictly for a Hawk. All help, advice and suggestions appreciated.
    Thanx, Yogi

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    What you need is one that will FIT a Borg Warner T-86E WITH Overdrive. That could be a Ford, AMC or Chrysler Product.
    For the most part, 1962 & Older, except MAYBE Ford Trucks were used a bit later.

    The Overdrive part of the equation is what makes it difficult, and probably will require customization to make the Shift Rods clear the Solenoid.

    Just so you know, there ARE replacement Parts available for most of the pieces to your Factory column Shift setup to make it work as it did when new.
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      Here's one post with pictures of one installation. Searching around (Google search including SDC forum in the search function) should get more.