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Transmission oil

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  • Transmission: Transmission oil

    In a bit of a pickle here folks. I had the transmission on my '63 Avanti R-2,S/N: 2658, rebuilt in 2018. When it was rebuilt I said that the transmission oil that was in there was Ford Type "F". The shop that rebuilt it said that they would replace the transmission oil with a better substitution and I went with it. The problem I now have is that the transmission has been rebuilt, everything is fine, however the shop that rebuilt the transmission is no longer in business. I don't know what they used. I have plenty of Ford Type "F" that I could use or would that mess things up? So far I'm G2G but what should I use when I need to add?
    -thanks in advance.
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    I guess that they installed Dexron. If the transmission was rebuilt two years ago, I wouldn't think that you would have to worry about adding any fluid. When it comes time, just replace all of the fluid with what you want to use (I would use Dexron).
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      If you decide to Drain it do not forget that there are Two places that need draining, the Torque Converter has a small plug and of course you have to remove the Filler/Dipstick Tube to drain the Pan.
      Just like an Engine, you always get a better drain Hot after returning from a drive, just use wrist high Rubber gloves and a face shield.
      I have heard that Coffee is HOT, but I KNOW Oil is!

      After about 3-5000 Miles it should be changed and I would use Type "F", but as Gary said, he and "some" others have not had a problem with Dex-Merc.
      It's your choice, I just prefer the Firmer Shifts, which I am sure are hard to notice the difference, the Clutches don't speak English.
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        When you pull the dip stick tube carefully inspect the tube flare, they tend to crack there and cause a niggling leak. Luck Doofus