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dimensions of 62/63 trunk opening

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  • Body / Glass: dimensions of 62/63 trunk opening

    Since I cannot go anywhere outside of my home town in the near term (unless I want to go into 14 day quarentine when I return) , I want to replace the rear panel on my replacement trunk wall assembly. I picked this up from a club member who needed the trunk floor for his project and sent me the solid trunk walls, the top half of the rear panel and the area between the rear window and the trunk proper..

    Since I want to keep this a square as possible, I need a baseline from a 62/63 Lark that's in far better shape than my own Lark. I need to know the right to left length at the cab end of the trunk. (measure as best as possible at seam between trunk and fender)

    The right to left (or left to right) of the trunk at the tail lights.

    and cross ways between left tail corner to right cab end toward window and left cab to right tail corner.

    I learned the hard way about proper bracing when I slowly patched my hardtop's floor over a couple summers years ago. Everything is fine right to left but I lost 1/8 of an inch somewhere and the doors wont close right.

    Jeff T.
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