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    I do not recommend the use of aircraft engine oils as they have little to no additives in them depending on whether the oil is straight mineral oil or a compounded oil. Piston aircraft engines do not operate above 28 or 2900 rpm on take off and will run at 2000 to maybe 2300 rpm at cruise and because of the low engine speed, they do not need high valve spring pressures. They do need an ashless dispersant oil as the vast majority of engines are air cooled, have large clearances in the cylinders and they do burn oil so an oil that does not leave deposits on piston crowns, combustion chambers, etc is necessary for good engine life, but isn't the best for an automotive engine that operates at varying engine speeds, is liquid cooled and has much tighter clearances than an aircraft engine. Bud


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      Originally posted by Mike Van Veghten View Post
      Yoyoman -

      What Bud and Rich said.
      Use truck oil in trucks and car oil in cars..!
      They have different requirements. OR you could switch to an aircraft oil..!

      I used Castrol GTX, 20-50 in my "daily driver" Lark wagon, (259 auto trans.) for just over 93,000 miles in the SoCal heat. So...what's wrong with plain ol automotive oils again..?

      Castrol GTX 20/50 was what I used in my motorcycle for years but the 20/50 did contain zinc at that time. I don't know about present day Castrol but last I heard the GTX 20/50 still containes some zinc.