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    A funny story goes with this. I was buying all new brake parts for my hawk and showed my grandson a picture of a hill holder and asked him to look under the car and see if one was bolted to the frame. He looked and said yes there is one under there. So I ordered a NOS hill holder. After we got parts in he started on the brakes. He came in the house later and said grandpa, I can't find the master cylinder. I've taken the battery off and there's just not one there. He had never seen one under the floorboard. Needless to say my hawk was not equipped with a hill holder. Now, my question is: How much trouble is it to add a hill holder? All I have is the hill holder cylinder. Should I add it or forget it? Looking for experienced opinions.
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    If you have never missed having one up to this point and do not live or often go to very Hilly areas, I would put it on our For Sale Page.

    You have to find, buy and install the actuating lever, rod etc. and make a New jumper line to the master cylinder, change fittings and so forth.

    Does your Hawk even HAVE a Manual Trans. so it can work?
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      Yes, it's 3 on the tree with OD. You have to hold it in reverse. I am hoping I can put new grommets in the linkage and adjust it so it will work. I would hate to have to go in to the transmission.
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        My pickup is the first Studebaker I have driven that has hill holder. I wasn't even sure it worked. A couple of weeks ago I had to stop on a hill so I could turn around. I was waiting for traffic to clear and, as I eased up on the brake, I felt the brake holding the truck. It was nice. The truck just sat there without me having to do the brake/accelerator dance to get going. You might want to source the parts for a later install.
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          and if you ever have the need to load up the vehicle, or if its a working truck......maybe with a trailer......the hill holder is a great feature on a hill, in traffic and maybe with someone's front bumper up your tail.....