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Need to replace heater mtr. on my 65 Cruiser

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  • Cool/Heat: Need to replace heater mtr. on my 65 Cruiser

    Is there any easy way to swap out my heater mtr. without having to disasemble the entire heater box?

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    The blower motor, cage, and bottom half of the blower housing is held on to the main housing with six small Phillip head screws. Take these screws out and you should be able to drop the motor/cage/lower half. The screws may be a bear to get to in the back though. You will need to take out the one big Phillips screw that holds the fiberglass heat duct, and slide the duct towards the drivers driver's side first.

    See pic below of the small Phillip head screws.

    Click image for larger version

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      Thanks Paul, I think I will pull the pass. seat out so I can lie down and get to this thing.


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        The procedure described in post #2 is correct. I’ve done this many times on ‘61 - ‘66 Lark types. I am of somewhat generous proportions and I never felt the need to remove the seat. The only thing I must confess is that I haven’t always re-installed all of the screws that hold the two halves together.


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          I've drilled a small hole at the bottom of the motor (where the nipple is) and tapped and oiled the motor.Sometimes it adds new life!


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            I rebuilt mine a few years back. It's not so tough, really. Just gotta get used to laying on your back for a bit

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              ...and a magnetic screwdriver really helps.