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65 Cruiser brakes pull to left

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  • Brakes: 65 Cruiser brakes pull to left

    Any ideas why my stock pwr disc brakes pull to left? There is no evidence of grease or oil contamination

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    These disc brake setups have internal 'stops' to keep the pads from wearing down to the metal. Plus these pads are a lot thicker when new than more modern setups. You may just need to get a new set of pads, one side may be to the point of not doing much braking causing the pull, How thick are the pads that are on the car now?
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      Those calipers will not allow the pads to move beyond a certain depth to prevent the backing from coming in contact with the rotor. The result is that, especially when the rotor is thin, it will look like there is enough lining , but there is not and the pads need replacing in order to reach the rotor. Next likely scenario is a stuck piston and lastly a collapsed brake hose.


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        Thanks for the info. I'll pull the wheels and check thickness


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          Got new pads and now no pull. Yay me! Thanks for the help on this. I'm glad for others experience.