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Hydrovac problems?

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    It had to be thought that in 1950, people were not used to Automatic Transmissions and would either not hold the Brake or not hard enough to hold the Car after stopping and on Hills.
    The Anti-Creep System was actually quite complex, throttle Switch, Brake Switch, a pressure switch on the Trans.
    You must have felt REALLY SAFE driving one!

    It is a bit odd though because in those Days you usually did not have to warn people that "Coffee IS HOT", "Do not put hands and feet under the deck of your Mower while running, Smoking will cause cancer, etc.

    Technically, it is possible to slow the Car with moderate to Medium Braking, jump out with engine running in Gear, on level ground or a Hill, and the Car will stop and "Stay" like a well trained Dog!
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      As a followup, I took the Hydrovac back to the rebuilder after we installed the two new hoses and adjusted the brake pedal freeplay , which didn't change anything. The rebuilder said he found a couple broken parts. He replaced them and I put it on the other day and now the car works great. The trans still makes noise but at least it moves. I also blew out one of the mufflers getting it started and now I hear the rear unversal clunk now! Oh Well! The Joys of playing with Old Cars!