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  • Electrical: dash bulbs

    1962 Lark wagon. Does anyone have the bulb type or number for the bulbs used in the hi-beam and signal indicator? The dash lights are bulb shaped whereas the indicator lights are the same base but the glass is cylindrical shaped. I cannot read the number stamped on the base. With the covid, I cannot get to the NAPA store and probably have to go on-line or call NAPA with the proper number.


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    Quickest way to find those numbers would be in the glovebox Owners Manual.
    I know I have one for the '62 Larks, but I would have to clean the whole house to find it.
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      I always use a #53 bulb in the turn indicator and high beam positions as that is what was originally installed at the factory. The dash lights are originally either a#57 or 1895, but I have been using #1816 bulbs for instrument illumination as they are a bit brighter than either the 57 or 1895 bulbs. Bud