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  • Brakes: Hydro vac connection

    The brake booster on my 63 project Hawk started to allow the brake fluid to be sucked into the engine. That was 10 years ago and at the time I removed the booster and connected the rubber lines together to have yard brakes. I’m back working on the car and have a new booster but no memory of the correct attachment of the lines. Does the line from the master cylinder attach on the very front of the booster near the brake light switch or does it fasten near the bottom by the large cylinder? I would like to get it right the first time. Thanks Ken

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    Since all Brake Systems are not alike, we need to know what we are working on here.

    This is a '63 GT Hawk with optional Power Drum Brakes?
    One with the Power Disc Brake Option with the Dual Diaphragm Booster?

    The Rubber Vacuum line connects to the Port on the left side of the Intake Manifold but MUST have the One=Way Check Valve in line connected and working.

    When working on this Car you will need the Chassis Parts Catalog, Body Parts Catalog, and the Shop Manual, to "get it right".
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      All are plumbed the same whether they are disc or not. The input from the master cylinder is into the main body, and the output is at the end of the cylinder.
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        Thank you be bezhawk for the information I needed. Just for the record it is a disc brake Hawk and the hydro vac is a new production model and has the check valve in the line. I have the repair manual and the parts books. The rubber hoses were new before the booster went bad so they didn’t have any set shape to give me a clue to their correct position. I failed to mark them and my memory failed too. I looked for a diagram showing the hose locations but did see one. Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough in writing my question. Ken