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  • Transmission / Overdrive: locked in park

    1955 speedster is locking up in park can get out by constant moving the lever but is getting harder to work./ideas?

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    Is it possible the parking brake is allowing the car to creep, locking the parking pawl in place?


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      If it is on any kind of slope, it will have to be pushed up hill a an inch or so while pulling the Shifter to Neutral.

      The Parking Pawl probably needs to be replaced, a common issue with Detroit Gear Transmissions.
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        As eluded to, it is better to let the parking brake do the holding with the DG250 park serving as back up.
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          The first line on the page of notes I received with my 55 Pres State sedan said " Never put it in Park on a hill".. So what did I do? About a week later I put it Park while on a hill. I always set the E-brake first, but no matter, it was stuck hard. Finally broke loose after an extended fight. Never did it again and a while later while changing the filter on the transmission, found a 1/8" X 1/2" wide piece of what looked like the tip of a a gear cog. Fortunately it didn't bump into anything while falling into the pan...

          The second line in the notes stated " Never rev the engine over 1500 while in Neutral...." I never went there and never had any issues
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