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Door trim -55 Regal sedan

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  • Body / Glass: Door trim -55 Regal sedan

    Before I start & maby destroy... I've been about to paint Josephine for a while now & doing it bit-by-bit I've so far only painted the roof (but it's not good enough yet) & today I took a look at the trim on the doors & thought "oh my..." & the reason is that I can only see a few screws on the top inside because the rest is lower/inside/hidden. So I hope somebody who's done this before tells me how to get to the rest of the screws.
    (I guess since it's a sedan not many might be familiar with this problem & those who have a similar car might not have had to remove these bits..?)

    Click image for larger version

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    Since that Window Frame is a Welded Box Section, the ONLY way the Moulding could be held on is with Clips, use a thin Putty Knife to locate them.

    I see that the S.I. Moulding Clip Packages do not include those, so that MAY mean they are NLA, so be careful of them.
    If they are rusted out or break that could be a problem. It makes me wonder if you should Mask over the Mouldings.
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      Ok thanx for a fast answer, since there's two screws on top I thought there might be more under/inside the frame.
      (Ah, I guess it's like so many other things in life; what looks good isn't always good.)


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        Nox you are probably faced with "Barrel Clips' and "T" bolts. the clips are tiny and snap into holes in window frame. "T" bolts might be welded to a tab that slides into moulding and grips the curled under edge. Hard to deal with at best. if old paint isnt flaking i would mask moulding carefully and sand lightly up to and under tape. careful prep will keep new paint from lifting. a parts car would be handy about now! the "Barrel Clip's" are available but the bolt might have to be fabbed up by You. Luck Doofus


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          Ok thanx Doofus, I'll check... Today it's been other work but I'm about to go out & look at it now.


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            Once I went at it there was less problem then I ever could have imagend!
            The 3 screws on top was easy & sat into plates with those kinda springy steel "needle-looking" things, like those on the side trim but smaller. There was 3 more screws also...
            Now I'm wanna share my experiances on the Tech Tips page.