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hawk dash- the turn signal & high beam holes

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  • Interior: hawk dash- the turn signal & high beam holes

    A while back I bought a used dash from a Hawk- the 56 thru 61 type dash. I'm not sure of the year it came from; I bought it from a friend, but he couldn't remember either. I took it all apart to clean, repair and so forth. So I'm reassembling now, and getting ready to attach the dash plate to the fiber glass dash body. So, the holes in the dash where the lights are for the turn signals & high beam- there are no lenses, but there is supposed to be something that gives those colors. Blue for the high beam and green for the signals I think. From disassembly I vaguely remember a piece of semi clear colored tape applied on the inside of the dash plate. Is that correct? How do I simulate that? What have you guys done? All I can think of is going to stained glass shop and buying some little pieces to glue to the inside of the dash plate-- but maybe there is a 'part' I can buy somewhere? Or maybe there were some little lenses that I lost... kind of stumped on this one.

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    Possibly some plastic from a Seven-Up bottle or something similar? Green marker on the bulb?


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      When I redid the dash on my '53 Commander, I bought plastic 'folders' from a stationery store and cut out what I needed. I believe for the '56-'61 Hawks (as on my '53) the directional signal indicators should be green and the high beam red. I 'modernized' my '53 by using blue for the high beam indicator as most modern cars do.
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        I bought some file dividers with different color tabs, cut the green and red ones off to use in my 53 Starliner dash.
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          Not sure about that particular dash; but on my GT, I used these: whatever color bulb I use 10-12mm-12V-0-15W-Car-Boat-LED-Indicator-Light-Dash-Panel-Dashboard-Warning-Lamp/323382728459?var=512443691916&hash=item4b4b1cd70b:g:lWQAAOSwvJdZm~PA
          They work great! I moved them up on the Gt dash, the originals were hidden behind my gear position indicator. I put smoked lucite in the original holes, they now light , in whatever color bulb I use, when my fans are running. My high beam indicator is incorporated in within my clock/voltmeter gauge and it's blue.
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